The God Who Came to Reach :: Advent

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on 12/1/2019 – the First Sunday of Advent

One of the most important concepts in Christian faith is that God wants us to know him — personally.

That’s a key reason that he came in the flesh. So that he could be one of us. So we could know him and he us.

This podcast explains how he knows us and how we can know him more deeply.

Why Did God Come Near, Anyway? :: Reflections at Advent

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on 12/24/2018

What is the real meaning of Christmas? When you ask that, most people I know will answer with something like this:
– Jesus
– Love
– Giving
– Family

I like those answers, but I think sometimes we give them because that’s what we’ve heard.

If you want to know whether you honestly know the real meaning of Christmas, ask yourself these kinds of questions: Why was this Jesus, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas, born? 
Why did God come near?

This podcast of the Curwensville Alliance Christmas Eve Devotional addresses those questions.

From Overspent to Over Blessed :: Reflections at Advent

How much are you spending on Christmas? I am not talking about money. I want you to think about everything else you pour out in the holiday season.

The energy that is required for social interactions.

The brain power that is necessary for thinking about the right gift.

The scheduling effort that you have to invested to…

Social obligations.

Family considerations.



How much are you spending on Christmas?

And in the end, when you look in the mirror, do you see someone who is overspent? Or over-blessed?

In this podcast, we look at Mary and see how much she had to spend on the first Christmas – and how God enabled her to manage it.

From Overfull to Overflowing :: Reflections at Advent

Presented on 12/9/2018 at Curwensville Alliance Church by Pastor Steve Shields

There are a lot of things in the holiday season that make me feel full.






And when they are concluded, I feel full


But I don’t feel overflowing.

Jesus said:

Whoever believes in me,
as Scripture has said,

rivers of living water

will flow from within them.”

That’s overflow.

How do I transition from feeling overfull to being overflowing?

That’s what this podcasts addresses.

From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed :: Reflections at Advent

Presented on 12/2/2018 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields

Have you ever glimpsed yourself in a mirror as you walk by and think, “Is that how I look? Really? Is that how I REALLY look?”

We’ve all experienced that.

Looking at your reflection can give you a surprise.

When Paul is talking to the Christians in Corinth about their behavior at the Lord’s Supper, he tells them they should examine themselves. That’s a good thing to do on Communion Sundays. It’s a good thing to do anytime.

This Advent, Curwensville Alliance is talking about looking at your reflection, seeing who you are, and beginning a leg of the journey to get you from the person you see in the mirror to the person God wants you to be.

In this podcast, Pastor Steve talks about how to transition from being overwhelmed at Christmas to being overjoyed.