Evidence That You Have Been Saved :: 1 THESSALONIANS

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 05/26/24 by Pastor Steve Shields.

There are three marks of salvation in 1 Thessalonians. They are a deep conviction, a significant change and a notable influence.

Listen as Pastor Steve goes into detail on these three marks of salvation.

Living In A World Of Uncertainty :: 1 THESSALONIANS

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 05/19/24 by Pastor Steve Shields.

How do we respond to the world’s evil? We can respond emotionally. We can respond rationally. But, we need to respond from the right place.

How do you respond from the right place? Remember what kind of person you are. You are a church person. You are an important person. Jesus would have come and died for you even if you were the only person. You are an inspired and inspiring person. When you choose to live in hope, you risk disappointment. When you choose to give into despair, you guarantee it.

Remember the kind of God you worship. A God who loves you. A God who chose you. A God who is transforming you.

Humility – Walking Humbly With Your God

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 5/12/24 by Pastor Steve Shields.

There are dangers in humility. You may think “I am nothing.” “I am humbled to say….” If we are not thinking sometimes what we regard as humility is pride in disguise. “Who am I to judge?” Biblical humility does not require us to abandon the belief that some things are true and others false.

How do we walk Humbly with God? Lose the swagger. “You’re most dangerous in the Kingdom of God when you’re right.” – Bernie Knefley. Prioritize the needs of others.

How do we acquire Biblical humility? Acknowledge you don’t have it and never will. The closer you walk with your God, the more humility will flourish. Ask God to kill the part of you that walks in pride. Ask the Holy Spirit to alert you when you walk outside of humility.

Hesed – The Merciful, Lovingkindness of God

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 05/05/24 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Hesed is kindness, lovingkindness, mercy, goodness, faithfulness and love.

Hesed is fundamental to God’s nature. God requires us to love hesed.

Hesed is precious. It makes the world a better place. It increases your lovability. Hesed multiplies your influence for Christ.

The power of hesed comes from your experience receiving hesed. It comes from your confidence in Christ’s hesed. It comes from your abiding in hesed.