The Purpose of Our Relationships :: RELATIONSHIPS

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 10/22/23 by Chaplain Branden Root.

What is the purpose of our relationships?

According to Matthew 28:18-20, it is to go and make disciples.

What do we do when we find someone who wants to be discipled? We build a relationship founded in Christ and focused on growing in Christ.

Your Story | Bernie Knefley

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 8/12/2018 by Rev. Bernie Knefley.

For years, the local paper ran a series of stories — stories about people in our area. Some of you have been featured in those stories.

When he was with us this week, Bernie Knefley spoke about the story you are writing.

If you missed him, here’s his message.


Lies even Seasoned Christians Can Believe – Whose Life Is This, Anyway?

Presented at Curwensville Alliance Church on March 4, 2018 by Pastor Steve Shields

We’re continuing in a series today – a series that addresses lies that even seasoned Christians believe.

What was the first lie we addressed? You are alone. That’s a lie that even seasoned Christians believe.

The second lie has to do with usability. Through various means, sometimes the enemy of your soul will tell you that you have no value. That you are unusable. It’s a lie that even seasoned Christians believe.

Today’s lie was expressed by Billy Joel in the song My Life.

I don’t care what you say anymore
This is my life.
Go ahead with your own life,
Leave me alone.

The lie is this: This is my life

And sometimes even seasoned Christians can believe it.

In 1993, basketball great, Charles Barkley said these words in a Nike Commercial.

“I’m not a role model. I am not paid to be a role model. I am paid to wreak havoc on the basketball court. Parents should be role models. Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.”

That was Barkley – pretty outspoken about such things.

But not everyone agrees that athletes are not role models. Twenty years after that commercial aired, when he was playing in the NFL, Tim Tebow was asked about athletes who insist they are not role models.

Tim Tebow said…

Yes, you are a role model, you are just not a good one.

We could debate the question of celebrity role modeling forever, but here’s something on which we can probably all agree: Whenever you are visible to others, you have the potential to be an influence – for good or bad – on those who see you.

This Podcast speaks about your life — and the responsibility that comes with it.