Christ Our Coming King :: THE FOURFOLD GOSPEL

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 10/02/22 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Jesus is our Coming King.

When we look at the end times, there are some basic things we need to realize. The end times is about the return of Christ. The end times is about all being set right.

What is so great about Christ’s return?

He rewards His faithful. He gathers the family. He takes us to our forever home. He brings about what we have hoped for.

When we think about Christ’s return we need to have a mentality to be ready to meet Jesus by being saved and being a faithful servant.

We also need to have a missional mentality as we play a role in the timing of His return according to Matthew 24:14.

Trusting Christ Our Healer :: THE FOURFOLD GOSPEL

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 9/25/22 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Why do some believers not ask for healing?

Perhaps they do not believe in healing. Healing can be a difficult topic to comprehend. Healing ministries are often marked by fraudsters. They feel like real faith is revealed best in suffering. They may have the mindset that if God doesn’t heal, He will look bad. Why bother?

What does the Bible tell us about healing?

The Bible tells us that Jesus heals! God identifies Himself as Healer. God invites us to pursue healing. Healing is provided in Christ’s atonement. Not everyone is healed right away.

What does this mean for us and healing?

Healing is never formulaic. Healing is found by looking to the Healer. Ask Him to give you Himself – His Healing presence.

Spiritism And The All-Sufficiency of Christ

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 10/23/22 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Why is spiritism attractive?

There are many reasons people are drawn to spiritism. People are drawn to mystery. Don’t know where else to go. They feel like God has left them down before, or they feel they have left God down. They are wanting something Christians forgot. They have a desire to be different. They need control. Evil spirits are real.

Even with all the things that draw people to spiritism, why would you turn anywhere but to Christ?

The God of the Bible is personal. He is our redeemer, taking our bad and replacing it with good. He is protective. He is all powerful and above all powers. He is the Savior who rescues us.

How do you look to God? You ask Him for wisdom. You trust Him to do as you asked. You walk in faith.

Entitlement Interstate :: DANGEROUS SIDE ROADS

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 10/30/22 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Pastor Steve begins a new sermon series using the analogy of five dangerous side roads we can take on our Christian walk.

The dangerous side roads are the Entitlement Interstate, Escapism Extension, Intrigue Intersection, Futility Roundabout and Control Corner.

The Entitlement Interstate is dangerous because it distracts you from caring about others, blinds you to personal responsibility, and makes you miserable.

So how do you avoid the danger of the Entitlement Interstate? The answers can be found in Philippians 2!

You can live a life of thanks for what you have received. You can value others highly. You can have the mindset of Christ. You can keep your eyes on the prize. You can recognize the holiness of the gift of salvation you have received.


Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 9/18/21 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Listen as Pastor Steve leads us through the 3 aspects of Baptism.

The physical aspect is shown as we are “buried” with Christ through Baptism.

The family aspect is shown as we are children of God.

The commitment aspect is shown as baptism is a public display of our commitment.