When Lepers Find Food :: BIBLE STORIES

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 09/17/23 by Pastor Steve Shields.

When we look at the passage in 2 Kings 6:24-33, we see that Samaria is under siege. The people are starving. They are desperate. They know the problem, but they do not know the solution.

God is the solution. The lepers find the solution. We learn from the lepers that when God blesses you, He expects you to bless others.

When we look around, we see that people are starving. They are starving for the moral compass that only Christ can calibrate. There are starving for spiritual fulfillment. We have found a banquet, and we need to share that banquet with others.

Pouring Out Joy :: RELATIONSHIPS

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 09/10/23 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Are you a joy sucker?

Listen as Pastor Steve shows the difference between joy pouring and joy sucking. Grace, gentleness and encouragement are joy pouring and criticism, insistence and demoralization are joy sucking.

Jesus’ heart overflows with joy. He poured out His joy at advent. He poured out His joy while teaching. He pours out joy at the end of the age.

How do we get joy to pour out? We receive, experience and apply God’s grace. We lay hold of the gentleness of Jesus. When we embrace the gentleness of Jesus it changes who we are. When we sincerely encourage others.

Maintenance :: RELATIONSHIPS

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 9/03/23 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Everything needs maintenance including relationships. Noises alert you when maintenance is required. Like that clicking noise in the car or the clunk in the washer.

Maintenance means paying attention. Listen for the noise, and examine the real source of the noise. This means you need to pay attention to your relationships.

The keys to healthy maintenance in your relationships are to treat one another with respect, consider others before yourself and make Christ and what He has done your focus.