What Gives Life Meaning? :: Counterfeits

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 1/27/2019 by Pastor Steve Shields

Have you ever fallen for a counterfeit? Counterfeit wisdom, meaning, morality, intimacy, security, knowledge, and authority.

I want to be honest with you.

When I look at them, I see how I have been – and continue to be – vulnerable to them.

I have accepted counterfeit wisdom many times throughout my life.

And it has caused me damage.

I’ve allowed myself be confused by the other counterfeits to a greater or lesser degree.

Today’s counterfeit – counterfeit meaning – is no exception.

Identifying and Replacing Counterfeit Wisdom :: Counterfeits

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on 1/13/2019

Have you ever done something and thought, “What was I thinking”?

The common answer to that question is that you weren’t.

But there’s a strong possibility you actually were thinking.

You were just drawing from the wrong pool of wisdom.

Much of what passes for wisdom today is counterfeit. But how do you identify counterfeit wisdom? Is there some litmus test you can use?

This podcast addresses this question with practical answers.

Seven Counterfeits You May Own :: Counterfeits

Presented by Pastor Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on 1/6/2019

Several years ago, I received a phone call in the middle of the night from someone alleging he’d been to our church and was now stranded with his wife and daughters in Florida.

Pastor – I was in your church just a month-and-a-half ago. How can you not remember me?

I didn’t remember him.

He was quite convincing and told me of his visit to my church and that he needed money for bus tickets home.

And, because I am so bad at remembering names, I wired him $200.

Later, I thought to Google his name. And when I found it, I learned he was a scammer. He pretended to be one thing, but he was another.

When someone pretends to be someone else, that’s fraud. When something pretends to be something else, that’s counterfeiting.

In the weeks that are ahead, we’ll talk about seven counterfeits to which Christians often fall prey. This podcast outlines them as a preview of coming attractions.