Choices on the Journey

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/26/21 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Choices in life direct our journey. In Joshua 24 we see how choices effected the journey of the Israelites.

You cannot journey without making choice. Your journey influences the choices you make, and your choices will effect your journey.

As you make choices you need to think about how they will effect your journey and act sensibly, honorably and respectfully.

Make your choices with an intentional reverence. Only you can choose to look back at the journey and determine in your heart to reverence the God who brought you this far.

Make your choices with a heart of gratitude and with a commitment to journey well. Commitment to walking the journey well isn’t about being perfect, but a matter of consistently getting back on the horse when you have fallen off.

Walking In The Light :: ADVENT

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/19/21 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Jesus is the light! He is light for everyone. He is a powerful light, but some do not recognize Him. He is a rewarding light as well as the glorious light.

Walking in the light with Christ is beautiful! It brings self awareness. Walking in the light helps us avoid danger as well as brings creativity and productivity. Light brings us life. Christ brings us eternal life.

Walking with Jesus is walking in the light. When we humble ourselves and follow Him, we expose the darkness in our life. When we read the Bible and learn His word, we can see the path ahead of us. When we interact with His people, we sharpen each other.

God’s Deliverance :: ADVENT

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/12/21 by Pastor Steve Shields.

The passage in Luke 2:25-35 uses different words to describe deliverance including the consolation of Israel, the Lord’s Messiah, your salvation, a light of revelation and a sign.

What does Christ deliver us from? The darkness of others that we all have experienced through abuse, neglect, injustice, poor examples, disappointments, and everyday darkness.

Christ also delivers us from the darkness in our hearts as well as the darkness of the world.

God delivers us to the glory of His presence. He delivers us to wholeness as a new creation. God delivers us to our inheritance through restoration.

God’s Wisdom Moves Us From Darkness to Light :: ADVENT

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/05/21 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Who are the Wise Men?

They are curious. They scanned the heavens looking for anything unusual, and God gave them a sign.

They are from the East, and they are wise as they pursued wisdom.

What does it look like to pursue wisdom? It is a journey of trust, worship and transformation.

Questions to ask yourself as you pursue God’s wisdom. Am I trusting God’s mercy? Am I worshiping in a sacrificial way? Am I cooperating with changes He is bringing to my heart?