Inseparable Presence :: BEST GIFTS OF 2023

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/24/23 by Pastor Steve Shields.

God made you to be social. You need people, and you need God.

There is power in the presence of God. God’s presence promises all we need. God’s presence nullifies condemnation. God’s presence provides ongoing forgiveness. God’s presence remains regardless of circumstances.

God’s presence gives us victory over all that would destroy us.

Unfathomable Glory :: BEST GIFTS OF 2023

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/17/23 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Glory can be something achieved or something received.

God does not yield His glory to anyone.

God reveals Glory in us that He put in us.

Glorification affects all of you!

Unfathomable glory is incomparable, all encompassing, on its way and is a certainty.

Unfathomable glory was purchased by Christ on the cross. It is only available from Him, and is only applicable to His.

Transformation :: BEST GIFTS OF 2023

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/10/23 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Transformation is one of the best gifts of 2023.

Think about your story. Think about how you were before Christ. Think about when you had that moment. Think about the transformation that God brings. Transformation may be God’s favorite part. Transformation is His end game.

God is transforming your perspective. You seeing things differently. You begin seeing eternity differently.

God is transforming your lifestyle. He is putting deeds of the flesh to death. This process is not burdensome.

God is transforming your identity. He is giving you a new freedom. He is making you a part of a new tribe!

Look for God to transform how you see life, how you do life and how you view yourself.

Unearned Freedom :: BEST GIFTS OF 2023

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/03/23 by Pastor Steve Shields.

For Advent 2023, Pastor Steve will be speaking on a series titled Best Gifts of 2023. The first Best Gift of 2023 is Unearned Freedom.

Why is unearned freedom a best gift? God prizes freedom. Freedom allows for heart expressions. Freedom allows us to really live.

We are free from condemnation. We are free from the law of sin and death. We are free from the Law of Moses. There is freedom in the law of the Spirit who gives life.

Don’t waste your freedom. Consider the source and cost of your freedom. Consider the purpose of your freedom.