A New Year of Living Water

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/30/2018 by Pastor Steve Shields

In 1929, Coca-Cola introduced a great slogan: Coca-Cola, The Pause that Refreshes. Coke wanted people to think that their beverage was superior – more than that, refreshing.

I feel like the pause that refreshes in my life needs to include more than a beverage. It needs to have something living in it. Maybe living water.

Jesus spoke of living water — the water that refreshes.

And this living water changes our lives from being mundane, laborious, disappointing, and burdensome to being … refreshing.

When we are refreshed by the living water, our lives become refreshing.

In this podcast, I discuss Jesus’ presentation of the living water in John 4. I hope your new year is marked by such refreshment.
— Pastor Steve