Counterfeit Anointing :: Counterfeits

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 3/31/2019 by Pastor Steve Shields

It’s both a blessing and a curse. We live in a world where anyone can present anything that’s on their mind in text, audio, or video. Whether it’s accurate or not, people have great power to publish whatever they want. It’s a blessing because you can get good biblical teaching like never before. It’s a curse because not all teaching that calls itself biblical is genuinely biblical.

This is dangerous in many areas, but perhaps it’s most dangerous in the area of Christian faith.

For example, I know a woman who is leading a campus ministry at a major university who doesn’t really understand the gospel. What she does understand about the gospel, she doesn’t believe. She’s feeding pluralism to young minds, suggesting that the death and resurrection of Christ are superfluous. That’s false teaching. It’s empowered by a false anointing.

How do you discern a genuine anointing from a counterfeit one?

How do you discern a trustworthy ministry from one that is filled with deception?

This podcast addresses that question head on.