Counterfeit Authority :: Counterfeits

Presented on 3/25/2019 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields

We all like to think we are “an authority” on something.

Get a bunch of people together and start talking about music and you’ll hear things like, “Clapton is overrated!” and “The blues are the only kind of music with any heart!” and “If it’s not hip-hop, it’s not worth producing!” The more they speak, it’s likely that you’ll realize it’s just a bunch of opinions; no one there is a real authority on music.

Get a bunch of guys together and you find a room full of authorities, on hunting, fishing, hockey, football — you name it. After a while, you realize it’s all a matter of posing. Guys are great at posing in that context.

Counterfeit authority. It’s all around us.

It’s even prevalent in spiritual matters. Most people tend to feel they are a spiritual authority.

Thinking Christians believe that Jesus is the only authority.

But are you looking to him?

This podcast speaks of our tendency to look to counterfeit authority, and leads us to look to genuine authority.