Keys to Avoiding Counterfeits :: Counterfeits

Presented by Pastor Steve at Curwensville Alliance on 4/7/2019

Every parent has told their children, “Stay away from Johnny. He’s a bad influence.” But as time goes by, you begin to see that there are a lot of other children who might not be a good influence on your child. What do you do? Print out a list of children they are to avoid? That would be less than ideal.

Wise parents generally end up teaching the child to choose friends wisely. And, eventually, the parent and child both realize that how you behave will influence whether you connect with good kids or not so good kids.

That’s the way it is with the counterfeits we’ve been discussing over the past few weeks. We’ve looked at a list of them – and we’ve seen some we definitely want to avoid. But no list of this nature is comprehensive.

So what can we do to avoid counterfeits, in general?

The answer is found in what kind of life you live — in how you walk.

This podcast gives practical, biblical counsel of how to live so that you avoid counterfeits in your own life.