Can Judgement Be Compassionate? :: THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 11/08/20 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Since there are different kinds of judgement, is it possible for judgement to be compassionate?

Jesus warns us about condemning judgement and judgement that is lacking self- awareness.

However, Jesus values redemptive (compassionate) judgement. Compassionate judgement is restorative not condemning. Compassionate judgment is self-aware not blind. Compassionate judgement is genuine not hypocritical.

There are dangers of judgement in general. When you judge, you reveal your own culpability, you potentially reduce your faith to rules, and you risk destroying relationships.

In this podcast, Pastor Steve outlines the value in redemptive judgment as it helps others as well as you. It keeps you aware of your responsibilities, your imperfections, and your own need for redemption.