David and Goliath :: BIBLE STORIES

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 2/20/22 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Have you ever faced a giant like David did with Goliath?

Some of the giants you may have experienced include finances, relationships or addictions.

Goliath was a giant to the Israelites, and they faced him with defeat. They were dismayed, afraid and disgraced. But David faced Goliath in a different way!

David faced Goliath knowing who he was spiritually. He knew that he faced Goliath not on his own but with the army of the Lord! You can face your giants knowing who you are in Christ.

David faced Goliath with humility. You can face your giants being confident in Christ. You need to look at the motivation in defeating the giant.

You can trust in God’s love for you. If Jesus loved you enough you die for you, if God loved you enough to call you, if the Spirit loved you enough to speak to you, then He loves you enough to help you with your giant.