Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 9/19/21 by Pastor Steve Shields.

Honor God’s name is the third commandment, but what does that really mean?

God has several names in the Bible that show us why His name should be honored. I AM shows He is absolutely eternal, unquestionable independence and complete otherness. God tells Moses I AM Who I Am.

God is also referred to as Elohim which shows He was before creation. He has unmatched creative ability. He is over all creation. He has power.

God is also named Jesus, which means the Lord saves.

How is God’s name dishonored? When we treat it casually or as profanity, we show God disrespect. When we incorrectly attribute something to Him, we are dishonoring Him. When our life as a Christian reflects poorly on Him, we dishonor His name.

How do we honor God’s name? We honor His name by revering who He is, being thankful for what He has done and looking joyfully to what is to come. We honor His name when we trust in it, call on it, proclaim it and live it!