From Defensive to Teachable :: Transitions

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 6/16/2019 by Pastor Steve Shields

“Does not receive constructive criticism”.

That statement was in the comments section of the report card. My report card. I think I was in third grade.

How does one respond to such a statement?

Well, if that statement was can be thought of as constructive criticism, then, yeah — it was dead on. My response was a defensive one: That teacher doesn’t know how to give constructive criticism.

Defensiveness is not a character trait that I am pleased to admit. It’s one I’d like to lose.

What about you?

This podcast looks at the life of David and talks about how we can transition from defensiveness to teachability if we view God as did David.

Tools for Resilience | Teachability

Presented by Steve Shields at Curwensville Alliance on 6/24/2018

Anyone who desires to influence others for their benefit will notice this: For some people, their greatest hindrance is their unwillingness to receive instruction.

Some people struggle to be teachable.

This is particularly troubling since teachability is an essential tool for resilience.

David Murray, professor of New Testament and Practical Theology, says that there’s one characteristic that separates the successful from the unsuccessful in every walk of life: teachability.

If you are going to be resilient, you’ll do well to consider your own level of teachability and to ask God to increase it.

This podcast tells you how.