Life Together

I’ve been reading Deitrich Bonhoeffer’s Life Together.

I’ve tried to read it before and it never connected with me. In these days of COVID-19 and after reading chapter one, I now understand why.

I have taken for granted the privilege of gathering personally and visibly with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Be careful to avoid the peril of taking your relationships with your Christian friends for granted.

Be intentional about connecting — not physically, but personally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Lid of Fear :: 3/22/20

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THIS IS CHURCH: Helping Others

Last night, my phone was pretty busy. OK – it’s been busy lots lately. Yours is probably busy too.

That’s good — we want to know how people are doing, to help one another, to pray with one another, to be socially close while physically distant.

Included among all that incoming communication was a heart-warming text.

He wants to serve God.

He wants to make a difference.

That’s what we are here.

That’s who we are.

This is church.