Some New Items…

Here’s some information for you regarding the ministry at Curwensville Alliance.

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1) Blood Drive info (7/15)
Susan Spaid has organized a Blood Drive to be held at Curwensville Alliance in mid-July.

2) COVID-19
On July 1 the PA State Government indicated that masks are to be worn whenever anyone leaves home. In an interview this week, the President indicated he was in favor of wearing masks.

At Curwensville Alliance, we have masks available for you to wear while you worship with us. We understand this is uncomfortable and nearly impossible for small children in particular and for some adults as well. Naturally, we trust you to do that which shows compassion to others.

We want to worship God together, acknowledging the biblical requirement to respect the powers established by God and making heartfelt efforts to protect those who may be more vulnerable.

Our Kids’ Deserve Discipleship, so our Children’s Ministry workers are putting together some interactive Kids’ Discipleship.

The Priestly Pattern :: PATTERNS

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 6/28/20 by Pastor Steve Shields

When you think of a priest, what comes to mind?

The role of a priest is to facilitate the relationship between the people of God and God. In this message, Pastor Steve show the priestly patterns of Jesus.

Jesus is the Great High Priest, and as such He gives us a pattern to follow.

How do we follow this pattern in our own lives? We can help others in their relationship with God, intercede for others, help others to connect with God, be empathetic and gracious towards others, and live well.