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January 2015 News and Notes from Curwensville Alliance Church

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Sunday Worship

Join us on Sundays at 8:00 am and at 10:45 am as we worship together.

International Festival

Our International Workers’ Festival will be 1/23-25.

Friday Evening – Meeting Guy

  • 6:00 p.m. — Junk Food Friday — Bring junk food to share as we enjoy time with Guy.
  • 7:00 p.m. — Guy will speak in the Sanctuary, using multi-media.

Saturday – Adults and Kids Activities

  • 9:00 a.m. — Breakfast in America — Join us for a breakfast and a time to be with Guy in the Activities Center. Breakfast for all ages will be provided by The Alliance Men. Parents – bring your children & stay for The Children’s International Event.
  • 10-Noon — Children’s International Event — Children will enjoy various stations with games and learning activities. Parents or guardians are to accompany the children.
  • 6:00 p.m. — Ice Cream Smash — Join us as we enjoy Root Beer floats and Ice Cream Sundaes with Guy. Bring ice cream and / or topping .
  • 7:00 p.m. — Guy will speak in the Sanctuary, using multi-media.

Sunday – Considering your Commitment

  • 8:00 a.m. — Traditional Service with Guy.
    Give advance consideration to making a Faith Promise to support our Workers.
  • 9:00 a.m. — Enjoy a Coffee Break in the Lobby with Guy.
  • 9:30 a.m. — All Sunday School Classes meet in the Sanctuary with Guy.
  • 10:45 a.m. — Today’s Service with Guy.
    Give advance consideration to making a Faith Promise to support our Workers.
  • Noon — Church Luncheon in the Activities Center. Bring a dish to pass and a salad or dessert to share.

There will be no evening service on January 25.

You can also check the Church Calendar for the schedule.

New 4 Young Adults

Every Monday, Pastor Steve is leading a small group on Philippians for twenty-somethings. If you would like, join us at his home Mondays at 7 pm. Thank you!

Invisible War Small Group

All are welcome to attend the Wednesday Group, The Invisible War, meeting at 7 pm in room 207.

Financial Peace University from Dave Ramsey

Dave Clark will be leading a Financial Peace University Class beginning February 18, 2015 at 7 pm in room 102. Interested? Go to daveramsey.com, Select Classes then select Financial Peace University and look for Curwensville. Or talk to Dave Clark.

Walking this Winter

Interested in exercising by walking the church these cold winter months? Sue Spaid will be starting a Walker Group in January. See the signup sheet for details.

Men’s Group

The Saturday Morning Men’s Group will be starting a new book in late January. This is a great time to plug into the group. For more information, speak to Pastor Steve. Thank you!

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PODCAST: Avoiding Controversialists

Presented 1/18/2014 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields

Whether it’s regarding sports teams, tech companies, car manufacturers, or tastes in music — when you are around people, you’re going to find controversy.

We shouldn’t be afraid of disagreement. Interacting with people of different opinions can help us evaluate our own and determine if they are worth holding on to. The problem arises when we find ourselves interacting with those who live for controversy — the controversialist.

While the Apostle Paul was one who never ran from a controversy, he was also one who wouldn’t waste any time with those who love controversy. In our text today, in Titus 3:9-11, he instructs the young church leader, Titus, as to how he should handle controversialists in the churches in Crete.

This podcast helps us to see God’s point and to apply it to our own lives.


PODCAST: How to Recognize a Good Sermon

Presented 1/11/2015 by Pastor Steve Shields

When you ask some people how they like their new pastor, the answer is troubling. He’s the best we ever had. His sermons are, like, eight minutes long. That’s what I love in a sermon.

Now, some people say things like that as a joke. But others? They don’t know what makes a sermon good. That’s not a trivial problem, because for many, the sermon is the main course in the spiritual food they ingest through their lives.

In Titus 3, God has Paul telling a young pastor some of the things he should teach. This podcast talks about those things, and gives us a chance to see what makes a sermon a good sermon.


PODCAST: Effective People Look Back in Time

Presented 1/5/2014 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve

If you ever hit the big time, will it change you?

When a person becomes famous, whether in the business world, the sports world, or any other world, someone close by will say the words: Don’t forget where you come from. The very fact that people feel a need to say it demonstrates the reality: that when people get that big break, they forget what it was like before.

Christians need to hear the same words. Don’t forget where you come from. Why? Because Christians have received some great things: Forgiveness of sin, redemption, adoption, transformation — all of which come from grace. And that grace — the grace of God — is so powerful that it changes everything. It changes us. And there’s a danger that we will forget where we came from.

God addresses this in the Bible as he has Paul write to a young pastor named Titus, instructing Titus to remember who he was before he “hit the big time” of God’s grace. This podcast reminds us to look back as we help others walk the same path we are walking.