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Every church is different. Many of those distinctions are found in the values each church embraces. Our values are expressed in our identity statements, here.

We are bridge-builders

  • We extend ourselves for the needy, the broken-hearted, and those who have not heard the Good News of Christ in our community and beyond.
  • You cannot effectively extend yourself for the needy, the broken-hearted, and those who have not heard the Good News of Christ in our community and beyond from behind a wall.

We build men who love God

  • The authors of The Resolution for Men say it so well, I will simply read it.
  • The statistics are shocking.
    Prisoners, drug users, dropouts, runaways, and rapists all share something in common:
    The overwhelming majority of them come from homes without a father.
    Kids are twenty times more likely to end up in prison if their dad is not involved in their lives.
    Young women…are entering life without a deep sense of value and worth.
    Rather than displaying feminine charm, modesty, and grace, many have become nearly (if not equally) as rude and unrestrained as the stereotypical guy. They are told to act like and outdo men as much as possible. Flirty, immodest, and aggressive, they stay on a constant search for acceptance and attention — things they haven’t been freely given by the one man in their life whose love and approval they really want. And so millions of teenage girls auction away their priceless virginity every year for a pizza, a movie, and some on-the-spot flattery. Each of them hopes that being held for a few minutes by a porn-addicted teenage boy with raging hormones will somehow fill the dark canyon of love that her disengaged father has left aching inside her heart. And it never does.
    The consistently missing piece of the puzzle? Fathers.
  • The typical U.S. Congregation draws an adult crowd that’s 61% female, 39% male. This gender gap shows up in all age categories.
  • Fewer than 10% of U.S. churches are able to establish or maintain a vibrant men’s ministry.[2]
  • Men who love God take responsibility and grow healthy families, effective ministry, and stronger communities.

We do everything together

  • We share the good and bad in life honestly, pushing one another to grow as we live our faith. We like working together, learning more about God, and worshipping together.

We pray about everything

  • We recognize that it is the Holy Spirit who enables us to live meaningful, productive, and satisfying lives.

We pursue excellence in whatever we do.

  • Everything we have and are comes from God, so we strive to use it well to serve others and glorify Him.
  • This applies to parking lots, serving in the nursery, sanctuary renovation, leading children’s church, sermon writing, preparing funeral dinners, music, teaching – everything.

We believe the Bible has real answers to life’s problems

  • We follow the practical wisdom of God’s Word, and offer it to others who are seeking.
  • The most important wisdom from God’s word is the gospel of Christ.
  • The message of the Bible is the redemptive message of the cross – that Christ died for our sins so we could be forgiven and made new.

We are forward-thinking Christ-followers

  • We are willing to leave behind the familiar and comfortable to accomplish God’s plans for us. We support one another in following God’s calling for our families and children.

[1] The Resolution for Men, by Kendrick and Alcorn, pp. 15-16.

[2] (1/24/2014)

 We enjoy God’s presence in several ways:

  1. The Traditional Sunday Morning Worship Service at 8:00 am. Both the music and the preaching style are more traditional — designed to help those who find pleasure and comfort in meaningful traditions as they grow forward in their walk with Christ.
  2. The Contemporary Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:45 am. Both the music and the preaching style are contemporary — designed to bring an unchanging message to a changing world.
  3. The Traditional Evening Service at 6:00 pm. For those who cherish the hymns and enjoy traditional Bible study.
  4. Small Groups, Small Groups, Small Groups — This is where we get to know one another well. Jesus spent the bulk of his time with only a dozen men. There is something important about interaction around the word of God in smaller groups.
  5. Periodic social gatherings where the church body can interact on a more personal level. The early church spent much time together and grew in their faith and in numbers.

Questions? Just ask!

We look forward to your being part of Curwensville Alliance Church!