“If it means one person….”

Heard at Men’s Group:
“If it means one person coming to this group who wouldn’t otherwise be able to come, I will gladly wear a mask because what’s important is studying the Bible, fellowshipping together, and praying together.”

If you’re attending face-to-face at Curwensville Alliance, please take a couple minutes to be up to date on our gatherings by viewing this video.

If You’re Using Remind…

We use Remind for small groups and committees at Curwensville Alliance.

If you are in a group using Remind and haven’t been getting messages you expected, check your app.

One member reported that Remind seemed to have randomly turned off his text alerts.

Screen capture from Remind app.

It turns out that it’s not random.

Remind tech support said…

This was just an advisory in connection to the new feature that we’ve started rolling out recently that will disable text notifications for any user that has both text notifications and app notifications enabled. We wanted to help minimize duplicate notifications. If your students wish to receive their messages via text messages as well, they can re-enable text notifications at any time in their Remind app.

To manage notifications:
Android app:
1) Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
2) Click on Account.
3) Click on the gear in the top right and choose ‘Notifications.’

iOS app:
1) In the app, tap the gear icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
2) Choose “Push”.

-email from Remind

More information would be available at Remind.com.