Virtually Speaking…

“Pastor Steve – Our Virtual Small Group was amazing this morning!!!”

Hearing that, I had to have the leader of that group, Sue Spaid, talk about the small group she conducts on the telephone (via teleconferencing).

Sue writes:
Virtual connection is valuable because it gives people a way to connect when they can’t physically be together. Our Sunday School class connects via phone every Sunday Morning. Being able to hear everyone’s voice and share our prayer requests and listen to a short devotional makes us feel connected. We share our concerns, prayer requests and just talk to one another. We all miss the fellowship of being in class, but this helps us to feel as if we are “together”.

Thank you, Sue, for your commitment to growing the community at Curwensville Alliance.

These Seats Are Reserved for YOU!


As the elders noted earlier this month, Curwensville Alliance will resume in-person worship on 1/24/21.

As you might expect, standard protocols such as wearing masks while in the building, social distancing, staying home if you are “at-risk” or have been exposed, and refraining from touching others remain in effect.

We hope you will be able to join us at 8 AM for the service with traditional music and at 10:45 AM for the service with Today’s Christian Music.

If you won’t be present, please join us online at:
8 AM on and at
10:45 AM on

Looking forward to encountering God together with you this week – and every week!