Compassionate Judgment?

Presented on November 8th 2020 at Curwensville Alliance Church by Pastor Steve Shields

Everyone’s favorite verse, at least once or twice in your life, is Matthew 7:1. We like it, because we think that it helps us avoid taking responsibility for our actions.

But is that what Jesus is wanting to communicate to us? That we can avoid taking responsibility for our actions?


In this video, we look at the passage of scripture before us and discern the kinds of judgment Jesus is talking about.

Love Who!? – The Sermon on the Mount

Presented on 9/20/20 at 10:45 AM at Curwensville Alliance

In the kingdom, Jesus says, we are to love our enemies.

That may sound far-fetched — until you give some thought to what love is and how God loves.

In this message, Pastor Steve presents the eighth sermon from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

As you watch, see if you can understand how to love — even your enemies.