The Hidden Goodness of God

Living in this present darkness, it’s sometimes hard to see the goodness of the Father.

In this video, we look at The Golden Rule and discover how it reveals the face of the Father.

Injustice, futility, and pain can mask God’s face so that people don’t see his goodness.

But if we look behind the mask, we can see the face of God. And when we treat others as we would like to be treated, we show the face of God.

How “In Tune” with God Am I, Really?

Most Christians want to feel like they are in tune with God. Even those who don’t attend church, read their Bible, or pray much feel like they are okay with God.

Then something happens. Pain comes along.

It doesn’t have to be big. Even the pain of an unexpected setback can alert you to the reality that you’re not as in tune with God as you thought you were.

In this service, Drew and Rylee present worship, Pastor Steve offers biblical counsel on how to be in tune with God, and all of us enjoy communion together.

Get your bread and your cup and join us today.