Peace? Really? Yeah – really!

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 12/6/20 by Pastor Steve

In 1979, Bob Dylan wrote with a sense of frustration regarding his friends. It seemed that he felt they had changed and let him down.

Sometimes I feel so low-down and disgusted
Can’t help but wonder what’s happenin’ to my companions
Are they lost or are they found
Have they counted the cost it’ll take to bring down
All their earthly principles they’re gonna have to abandon?
There’s a slow, slow train comin’ up around the bend

– Dylan

That feeling of disillusionment is no stranger to people today. And that mindset is sure to cause you struggle in many ways – to struggle to find peace.

In this video, We discover practical ways to regain the peace you might have lost – or to discover peace you’ve always wanted.