Palm & Easter Sundays’ Schedules & Activities

Curwensville Alliance has some special things going on for Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday

The details are in this video – or you can read here.

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, we have a homemade video object lesson for kids to interact with. If you’re watching at home, get some noise makers or musical instruments. If you’re present, you will receive one to take home. During the video, follow Matt and the kids as they lead the object lesson.

Easter Sunday

In order to accommodate a potential increase in attendance on Easter, we will have three services:

8 am – Traditional Music
9:15 am – Today’s Music
10:45 am – Today’s Music

For the kids in each service, a homemade video object lesson by Bethany and her children will be shown. After the service, kids can stop by the coffee bar and get a goody bag to take home.

If your child cannot attend, please drive-through the carport Easter Sunday between 8 and 9 am to pick up their goody bag.

Thank you!