It’s Part of the Landscape of Serving

It’s odd – in a good way – how sermon-writing works.

I have been reading and prayerfully contemplating my message for this week – a message regarding healing. I’ve been at it all day – and I have been pondering it for two weeks.

Today – just now – I was ready to pack it in for the day and move on to reviewing the material for tonight’s Bible study. But as I was closing MS Word (with about 10 lines of text typed) I thought, “Hey – I should write this….” and it flowed. Pages flowed.

It is amazing when God does that.

That kind of “flow” of the Spirit is not limited to sermon development and presentation. If you’re a believer, you’ve probably experienced it in other places. I’ve seen it in small group Bible studies. I’ve felt it while digging up a septic tank in the yard of a widow. I’ve noted it while shoveling snow from a friend’s driveway. And I’ve sensed it while talking with some buddies.

It’s the difference between pedaling up a long grade and coasting around some gentle curves. It can’t be manufactured or forced.

It’s part of the landscape of serving.

And it’s beautiful.