Anxiously Awaiting Regathering…

January 2, 2021

As the Curwensville Alliance elders talked this morning, they decided to have the services remain “online-only” for the next three weeks. The major factor in this decision is the spread and severity of the cases experienced in our neck of the woods. It goes without saying that these decisions are never easy for the Church leadership to make. And other churches and organizations will make their own decisions.

We are thankful for the work that our technical people and musicians put into making services available to you, and we’re thankful that you’re tuning in.

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Tomorrow, I am beginning a new series on “Keystones of Christian Faith”. I’ll be speaking specifically about “Mercy”. And we will be celebrating Communion. Have your bread and cup ready.

After that, Laurel and I will be taking some personal time off, so next week, Rev. Ed Roberts will be speaking and the week following, Rev. Bernie Knefley will speak.

We look forward to being able to meet together again soon.