Small Groups

Small Group Ministry is a vital organ in the body that meets at Curwensville Alliance.

Last night, men gathered to share a meal, to share in prayer, and the share the word of God.

Mostly, they shared one another’s burdens.

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Love Who!? – The Sermon on the Mount

Presented on 9/20/20 at 10:45 AM at Curwensville Alliance

In the kingdom, Jesus says, we are to love our enemies.

That may sound far-fetched — until you give some thought to what love is and how God loves.

In this message, Pastor Steve presents the eighth sermon from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

As you watch, see if you can understand how to love — even your enemies.

Open Fists :: Sermon on the Mount

Presented on 9/13/20 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields

We live in a world of closed fists. Even clenched fists. Few of us really like it, but we learn to survive in it.

We learn, even, to emulate it.

In this sermon, we explore what Jesus says about our fists…. Well, he’s actually talking about our hearts.