New Topic on Sunday Evenings

You’re welcome to join us on Sunday Evenings in the sanctuary for the adult small group.

This week – the first Sunday of February 2023 – we are starting a study on doctrine.

The group meets whenever Knight Life (the teen group) meets on Sunday evenings at 6:30 pm. Come as you are and come when you can.

Check this website for any changes to the schedule.

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A Sermon from EXACTLY Two Years Ago

Yesterday I had surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital.

Sitting in the room, I happened to be browsing the video library our church has on YouTube. (I do this from time to time to delete outdated information.)

One of the first sermons I stumbled upon was this one – from November 15, 2020 – exactly two years earlier.

The Hidden Goodness of God

The title of it intrigued me, so I gave it a listen. It was amazingly relevant to me.

Who knew that God can speak to a pastor through his own messages? Well, why not? He could use a donkey. 🙂

I put the sermon here in case you wanted to spend 30 minutes listening or watching.

God is good.

If You Only Hear One Thing…

If you only catch one thing from Sunday’s sermon about the woman at the well, catch this: She was thirsty.

And if you can only watch part of this past Sunday’s sermon, make it these seven-and-a-half minutes.

People are thirsty – for the living water.

They long for Jesus and what he has to offer.