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June 2014 News and Notes from Curwensville Alliance Church

Sunday Worship

Join us on Sundays at 8:00 am and at 10:45 am as we worship together.

Mahaffey Camp Men’s Retreat

The 2014 Men’s Link at Mahaffey Camp is coming up soon. Reserve the date — September 19-20. Complete info is here.

Small Group Website Leaders

Our Adult DiscipleMaking Coordinator, Sue Spaid, is updating the Small Group portion of our web site. If you would, please give her a short description of your group, including the Group Name, Who it’s for, when and where it meets..

Relevant Prayer

At Curwensville Alliance, we’re spending different Sunday Evenings through this fall, focusing on one area of REAL LIFE. If the area resonates with you, join us. On August 17, we will pray for School Teachers (Christian, Home, and Public). If you are a teacher or you have a prayer request concerning teachers, give your request to Pastor Steve in writing so we can pray. You can also come out at 6 pm for the service on 8/17. Pastor Steve will speak about teachers, and then volunteers will pray for the requests we receive.


The Red Cross Blood-mobile will be at Curwensville Alliance on August 18, starting at noon.

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PODCAST: Back to School – Sharing what you Value

Presented on 8/31/2014 at Curwensville Alliance Church by Steve Shields, Pastor

Matt Chandler pointed out something that I’ve always observed — we share whatever we value. My wife values good health, so she shares vegetables with the family. I value good music, so I share the Beatles with friends. We value Jesus, so we share him with everyone.

When you go to school or the workplace, you’re often encouraged to keep your faith to yourself. Is this right? How can you share your joy in that kind of system? This Back to School Sermon speaks of how we can share our faith positively and effectively.

PODCAST: You Can Find Healing in the Gospel

Presented at Curwensville Alliance Church on 8/25/2014 by Pastor Steve

At Curwensville Alliance we have talked about how the gospel can save you. It’s by the work of Jesus, dying in our place, that we are spared the wrath of God. That’s generally where people stop, when they think of the gospel. The gospel saves us.

But thanks to some teaching from Matt Chandler in the Explicit Gospel Video Series, we have seen, with fresh eyes, how the gospel helps us along the path of personal purity (holiness and sanctification). The gospel not only saves us, the gospel sanctifies us.

At this point, the wheels in the heads of Alliance folk get to turning at an accelerated rate. We talk about The Fourfold Gospel, that Christ is our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King. If it’s the gospel that saves us and sanctifies us, could we say also that the gospel heals us?

Take a listen to the audio below to see how the gospel heals.

Pastor Steve says this sermon may be one of the most heart-felt sermons he’s ever given. May you find healing in the gospel through the truth here.

PODCAST: Can You Trust Your Conscience?

Presented 8/17/204 at Curwensville Alliance Church by Pastor Steve

We have an alarm in our basement to do two things: To call me if the electricity goes off so that I can find supplemental power for the sump pump and to call me if the water gets too high – in the case that the sump pump itself fails. This is important, because when the pump has failed in the past, it damaged the carpet and the furniture. And the water that came in smelled like – at best, a pond or swamp, at worst…. Never mind.

The alarm has called me many times to tell me the electricity is off. But it’s never called to say the water’s too high. A year or two ago I decided to test it. During a hard rain, I turned off the sump pump and let the water rise. Guess what… It didn’t call me. It failed.

That’s a problem, right? You want an alarm to go off when something is wrong.

You have an alarm in your head. It tells you when you are in danger of doing something wrong. It tells you when you are about to do something you may – or will – regret. It keeps you from harming yourself, injuring another, and bringing grief to God.

It’s called your conscience. But it doesn’t always work.

In this podcast I am talking about how we, as Christians, can discern right from wrong.
~Pastor Steve