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June 2014 News and Notes from Curwensville Alliance Church

Sunday Worship

Join us on Sundays at 8:00 am and at 10:45 am as we worship together.


If you’re not getting emails from the ePrayerline, you might want to check your spam folder. Recently some email providers have tightened their spam filtering and many emails sent from list-servers like the one at Curwensville Alliance are getting lost.

Helping Our IWs

Each year the Great Commission Women (GCW) collect items to give to International Workers at Mahaffey Family Camp. This provides for and encourages IWs while on Home Assignment. Several IWs specifically need school supplies. Please give to this project in the next month by placing items in the boxes under the lobby display. If you’d prefer to donate money, mark your offering envelope accordingly, and let the GCW do the shopping! We will be taking them to the Missionary Day at Camp (7/24). Questions? See Kay Rowles or Doris Hanes.

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PODCAST: Are you afraid of dying?

Presented on 7/20/2014 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve

I’ve heard people say I am not afraid to be dead; I am simply afraid of dying. I don’t hear a lot of people who are not Christians say this. But Christians say it.

What if someone suggested to you that death, for the person trusting in Christ, was a holy event? Would you consider that person to be grim? Macabre? Morbid?

The Psalmist addresses this in Psalm 116 where he writes, as the King James phrases it, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Wondering what that means? Wondering how to face death? Then this Podcast is for you.

PODCAST: Do You Miss Your Dad?

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 7/13/2014 by Pastor Steve Shields

I’d like to say that, in all my dialogue with people concerning their deceased parents, I’ve never heard anyone say, “I don’t miss my dad.” But I can’t say that. Because I have heard that very statement.

“I don’t miss my father at all. He was not a good father. And I don’t miss him.”

With all due respect to the person holding that position, I would say that he does miss his dad. He misses what his dad should have been. And there’s a hole inside his heart for that very reason.

In this podcast, we look at how God the Father can fill that hole and heal our hearts through his presence, his validation, and his goodness.

PODCAST: The Gentleness of God

Presented at Curwensville Alliance Church on 7/7/2014 by Pastor Steve

Occasionally, in the back of my mind, I detect this thought — an ungodly thought — that God doesn’t really love me. It’s a thought that says that I don’t measure up and because of my failures, God would like to smack me. Hard. Now. Twice.

Now, before you say, “Steve, I never have that thought; what’s wrong with you!?” think. Think about your own thought talk. When someone approaches you with a ministry opportunity, how do you respond? With confidence? Or with reluctance based in your own feelings of inadequacy? That’s what I’m talking about. Or what about those times you reflect on a conversation where you said the wrong thing and really hurt someone you were honestly trying to help? When you think about that, do you think to yourself, “I am such an idiot! I should just keep my mouth shut! How can God put up with my stupidity!?” That’s what I’m talking about.

I was thinking about where that voice comes from. It doesn’t come from the pastor I had while growing up. He preached grace with clarity. Maybe it comes from teachers or youth leaders? Maybe I picked it up in the dorm at the Christian college I attended? (Late night freshman chats in dorms can be very good or very bad.) Maybe I picked it up at home?

I doubt it.

It was my wife who suggested something like this:

It came from the Garden, Steve. It’s exactly what the serpent suggested to Eve. “Did God really say…”

Immediately, when Laurel suggested this, I new she was right. It’s the enemy of our souls that makes us wonder if God really said what he said. It’s the enemy who wants to convince us we are unloved.

This sermon series on The Nature of Jesus is to help combat such lies when they come into your life. This message, in particular, is about Jesus’ gentleness — and how he cares for you. May God embroider the truth of his love on your heart as you listen.