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October 2014 News and Notes from Curwensville Alliance Church

Sunday Worship

Join us on Sundays at 8:00 am and at 10:45 am as we worship together.


Hey grades 7-12, come to the Velocity Sunday evening from 6:00-7:30. Food, fun, games & God!

Attention kids: ages 8-12!

Cristi Smay is leading a new small group in Room 204 from 6-7 pm on Sunday nights, using Group Publishing’s Kids’ Travel Guide to The Armor of God. Kids will explore how to be strong in their decisions and in relationships with others. Come along and learn to stand firm in your faith!

BridgeBuilding For Kids

4 Kids We will have a Home Sweet Home Party from 1:30-3:30 pm on 11/8 for kids, Pre-K to Grade 6, as part of the Home for the Holidays week-end. Please help by working with kids, pray-ing, or donating items. Sign up on the bulletin board. Over the past 9 years, thanks to you, our Fall Children’s Event has connected people with our church family!


Interested in connecting with those outside our church family? The Bridges Committee will meet 11/2 at 7:10 in room 103. See you there!

Fuel Aid Concerts

There will be two concerts at Curwensville Christian Church on 11/6 and 11/8 at 7 pm, featuring local music groups. Tickets are available from Mark Sopic. All proceeds benefit our community, providing people with fuel. Thank you.

Ministry Workshop

Interested in attending a workshop designed for pastors and leaders? On 11/1 at Butler Community Church choose up to 4 workshops, including, Coaching, Conflict Resolution, Curriculum Galore, Disciplemaking in the Local Church, Effective Women’s Ministry, Missions Advance, Music Ministry, Organizing Your Church, Outreach, Sermon Preparation and Delivery, Speaking to Teens, Spiritual Formation, Lights and Sound. More info? See the bulletin board.

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PODCAST: Being a Lasting Leader

Presented at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields on 10/26/2014

Over the past few months, one of my favorite preachers has lost his ministry. He had behaved, poorly, to say the least. People were calling for some action to be taken, and finally, a short time ago, he resigned. It was probably the best thing he could do.
It was a sad day.

He’s not the first leader I’ve known who has had to resign. He won’t be the last.
What do you do with these things? What do you do when a leader you love and trust fails?
Some people grow cynical. I’ve been down that road, way too far, in my life. I won’t go there.

Some people become angry. The only thing uglier than failed leadership is the feeding frenzy you see online in the blogosphere. That makes everyone sad, except the most vicious of humans.

Some people decide they will never trust a leader again. Maybe they start a home church – with just their family. I don’t think God wants that. I think maybe he puts us together so we learn grace.

Personally, I want to redeem these things. I want to make something good come of it. Or to find the good that can come from it. One way we redeem such things is to learn from them. That’s what I attempt in this podcast – to learn about leadership.

– Pastor Steve

PODCAST: For Women – Creating an Atmosphere for Spiritual Health

Presented 10/19/2014 at Curwensville Alliance Church by Pastor Steve Shields

Atmosphere – what comes to mind when you hear that word?

Maybe you think about the O-zone, which, last I heard was making a comeback. Maybe you think about your favorite restaurant, and imagine yourself with your sweetie, enjoying the atmosphere. Maybe you think of the recent movie, Gravity, where everyone worried whether Sandra Bullock was going to make it back to earth.

What about the atmosphere in your home? What’s it like? That’s kind of a hard question, because atmosphere, when we use it like that, is hard to get a handle on. We’re not talking about lighting, exactly. We’re not talking about aroma, exactly. We’re not talking about furniture, exactly.

To understand the opening to this podcast, you need to acquaint yourself with this video.

“That’s all there is to it.”

We’re talking about the environment that you create by your presence. This podcast speaks, specifically to women about the atmosphere they create wherever they go.

PODCAST: What’s God Saying to MEN?

Presented 10/12/2014 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields

As a dad, there have been times I wanted to speak to my son about “son stuff”. And there have been times I have wanted to speak to my daughter about “daughter stuff”. Different genders need to learn many of the same lessons. But there are specific things that apply more to men, in general and more to women, in general.

Because of this, in the Bible, there are places where God addresses males and some places he addresses females. In Titus 2:1-3, God’s speaking to men about issues they face.

As Pastor Steve takes the text apart, he gives men several targets to aim at as they grow in their walk with Christ.