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March 2015 News and Notes from Curwensville Alliance Church

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Sunday Worship

Join us on Sundays at 8:00 am and at 10:45 am as we worship together.

Prep for Holy Week

As we prepare for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, Curwensville Alliance cooperates with other churches in town by eating lunch and sharing a devotional together. The locations follow:

  • 3/4 Curwensville Alliance
  • 3/11 Grace Lutheran Church
  • 3/18 Curwensville United Methodist Church
  • 3/25 St. Timothy Church

If you can help prepare and/or serve the Lenten Luncheon on the 4th, please see Autumn Howell or Judy Kim. Thank you!


At last, the Twenty-Somethings Small Group will resume, tomorrow (3/2) evening at 7 pm at Pastor Steve & Laurel’s.

To Run and Not Grow Tired

Restoring Your Faith in Times of Trauma, Hurt, or Depression – Fran Sciacca.
Join us, starting 3/11, for a new small group meeting Wednesday Evenings at 6:30 led by Pastor Steve and Sue Spaid. See the signup sheet in the lobby for details.

Java Bible Study

Attention women, you’re invited to be part of the Thursday morning Women’s Bible Study as they begin Java with the Judges, a six week study by Sandra Glahn. Sign-up on bulletin board. Ques-tions? See Doris Hanes.

Bridges Through Books

Please be sure to look at the flyer on the literature table and help B&E build bridges.

Elders’ Meeting

The Elders will meet on 3/4 at 5:45 pm in the Pastor’s Study.

Board of Ministries

The Board of Ministries will meet on 3/11 at 5:45 pm in room 103.

Vision Setting

The Board of Ministries will be meeting at church on 3/21 at 9 am to seek God’s leading regarding our ministry.

Bridge Building

Curwensville Alliance will be overseeing food distribution at Living Bread on 3/14. To help, see Eric or Kay Rowles.

Invisible War Small Group

All are welcome to attend the Wednesday Group, The Invisible War, meeting at 7 pm in room 207.


If you are interested in learning about Baptism, please see the signup sheet on the bulletin board in the lobby.

Motorcycle Ride

If you’re interested in taking an overnight motorcycle ride to Gettysburg this summer, speak to Scott Brubaker.

Walking this Winter

Interested in exercising by walking the church these cold winter months? Sue Spaid will be starting a Walker Group in January. See the signup sheet for details.

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PODCAST: What Is Your Superpower?

Presented at Curwensville Alliance Church by Pastor Steve Shields on 3/1/2015

If you could have any superpower, what would you want? Invisibility? The ability to fly? Great strength?

Actually, you have a superpower. It’s given you by God. Using it is in your best interest. Listen here to uncover your superpower.


PODCAST: How to Get to Where You Need to Be…

Presented 2/22/2015 at Curwensville Alliance Church by Pastor Steve

Ever been in a bad place? I don’t mean in a bad neighborhood. I mean in a bad place, spiritually speaking? Jonah knows what that’s like.

From the belly of the great fish, Jonah recognizes he’s the wrong place and takes steps to change that. His model can serve us when we aren’t where we need to be.


PODCAST: The Love of God in… Jonah?

Presented 2/16/2015 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve

Often, we miss the point of things that are presented to us. Take this video as an example.

Where were you, in the video, when you realized what they were selling? The end, huh? It’s that way with the Book of Jonah. The drama is so good that, like this commercial, it can eclipse the message.

This podcast clarifies the message of Jonah, showing the conflict between the way God loves and the way humankind loves.


The story of Jonah is as important to our generation as it has been to any before.