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News and Notes from Curwensville Alliance Church

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The Parking Lot Is Being Paved!

THIS WEEK! Praise God!


Thank you.

Sunday Worship

Join us on Sundays at 8:00 am and at 10:45 am as we worship together.

We Need Apples!

We’re planning on making cider during our IW Festival on October 22. If you have apples, please speak to Ray Green. Thanks!

New Members

If you have taken the Membership Class, join us Wednesday (10/5) at 6:00 pm in room 102 as we meet with the Elders.

Missions Festival!

Our IW Festival will be October 21-23. Dave B. will talk to us about survival skills in IW work in the jungles of Africa. We will have outdoor activities and be making cider on that Saturday with Ray Greens’s cider press, so if you have apples, please speak to Ray Green. Check the brochures in the lobby for more information!

Trunk or Treat!

October 29 is the annual Trunk or Treat at Chidboy Funeral Home in town. You can help with this outreach by donating packets of hot chocolate mix and microwave popcorn to give to the kids with a message from our church. You can also volunteer to dress in costume and hand out goodies. Sign up on the bulletin board! Questions? See Laurel Shields.

Bible Quizzing

Bible Quizzing We will host a Bible Quiz on 10/1 from 11:30 am – 4 pm.

If you can help with food preparation, setup, and cleanup, please see Judy Kim.


AppleFest at Mahaffey Camp

Mahaffey Camp invites you to AppleFest on October 7-8. Our own Ray Green will be there making cider with his new press. Click here for more information.


If you have an announcement for the church family, please email it to Pastor Steve as soon as possible. The deadline is Friday.

Food Distribution

living breadIf you can help at Living Bread on the second Saturday of each month from 9-11 am, please see Eric or Kay Rowles.

Curwensville Alliance serves at Living Bread on the second Saturday of each month.

Your time commitment would be from 9:00 to about 11:00 am.

Speak to Eric or Kay Rowles if you have questions.


Small Group Leaders

If you’re starting a small group, or interested in seeing one started, please speak to Sue Spaid, Bethany Livergood, or Pastor Steve. Remember, all Small Groups, Leaders, and Material are to be approved by Disciple-Making Ministries.

Can You Help?

Please consider working as a Leader or Helper in our Children’s Worship program in 2016, helping children ages 4-8 learn more about having a relationship with God. Commitment is for a month of services; workers’ instruction and materials are provided. Sign up now on the Children’s Ministries board for the month that suits your schedule! Questions? Ask Carrie Warren.

CVilleAlliance App

2015-10-31 21.28.28The Curwensville Alliance App is now available for Android and the iOS.

Download it at the app store / play store free so that you can access web information, calendar events, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, podcasts, and prayer requests.

One handy feature on the app is the ability to add an event to your own calendar. Just open the event in the app, click the + sign in the corner and add the event to your personal calendar.

You can download the app at the App Store or Play Store. Once you do, all the online information you need from your church is in one place!

The iOS version is here.

The Android version is here.

Give it a try and give us a rating! Thank you!

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LifeBuilding: A Life of Courage PODCAST

Presented on 9/25/2016 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields

If there’s one thing we all admire, it’s courage. Stories of courage from history abound, reminding us, calling us to thankfulness, and inspiring us.

One of my favorite moments in American history is the courageous challenge JFK laid out in his speech at Rice University.

Young engineers looking on were shocked, frightened, and inspired by that courageous challenge.


In the podcast linked below, we look at the concept of courage and examine how we might build lives of courage.

~Pastor Steve


Our Core Values PODCAST

Presented at Curwensville Alliance on 9/18/2016 by Pastor Steve Shields

If you want to learn about a church, look, first at its statement of faith and second, at its core values.

Every organization works around a set of “givens” or “values”. The more successful organizations have core values that contribute positively and are affirmed regularly. The less successful ones have values that either are not as healthy or have been forgotten.

Can you verbalize the values this church has?


Maybe their values could be written as: We value tradition. We resist change. That’s fine. More power to them.

Curwensville Alliance owns seven core values. They are…

We are bridge-builders


We extend ourselves for the needy, the broken-hearted, and those who have not heard the Good News of Christ in our community and beyond.

We build men who love God.


Men who love God take responsibility and grow healthy families, effective ministry, and stronger communities.

We do everything together.


We share the good and bad in life honestly, pushing one another to grow as we live our faith. We like working together, learning more about God, and worshiping together.

We pray about everything.


We recognize that it is the Holy Spirit who enables us to live meaningful, productive, and satisfying lives.

We pursue excellence in whatever we do.


Everything we have and are comes from God, so we strive to use it well to serve others and glorify Him.

We believe the Bible has real answers to life’s problems


We follow the practical wisdom of God’s Word, and offer it to others who are seeking.

We are forward-thinking Christ-followers


We are willing to leave behind the familiar and comfortable to accomplish God’s plans for us. We support one another in following God’s calling for our families and children.

This podcast gives an overview of these core values, explaining their importance and relevance.



PODCAST: LifeBuilding – Building a Life of Service

Presented at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields on 9/11/2016

Several years ago, something happened in a restaurant that surprised me, embarrassed me, and then angered me.


I was eating with a man who had been attending my church, and the server was having trouble making things work. She messed up our drinks, she didn’t get our order exactly right, and she didn’t attend to our needs well at all. I can live with that, although I generally let my tip reflect the level of service I receive. And, because my wife worked in food service, a server really has to mess up to get anything less than 20% from me.

But the man I was sitting with (notice I haven’t referred to him as a gentleman) unloaded on her. He made sarcastic comments. He expressed heavy sighs of contempt when she apologized, and in the end, he spoke to her so strongly that she left the table — probably to go to the kitchen and cry. That surprised me because the man I was with was intelligent, and to me, one of the most basic concepts intelligent people understand is this: Do not antagonize the people who handle your food. Second, it embarrassed me, because that man was attending my church at the time. There’s this thing called “patience” that is a “fruit of the Spirit” that Christians generally exhibit. And it angered me because it was obvious that she was struggling, and all he did was make her day more miserable.

That story could be used to illustrate many things. I simply want you to see it as a reminder of how little we honor service to others. But Jesus didn’t have contempt for service. Jesus practiced servant-hood and expects his followers to do the same.

Jesus invites us to build lives of service.

This podcast tells us how to do so.
~Pastor Steve