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APRIL 2015 News and Notes from Curwensville Alliance Church

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Sunday Worship

Join us on Sundays at 8:00 am and at 10:45 am as we worship together.

Church Luncheon

Every Second Sunday the Curwensville Alliance Family enjoys a church luncheon in the Activities Center. Bring a dish to pass and a salad or dessert to share and join us after the Second Service. There is no evening service when we have a church luncheon.

New Small Groups

For Moms: There’s a new small group beginning for you called Shepherding a Child’s Heart Sundays at 9:30 am in room 206. Questions? See Kristin McCracken.

For adults: There’s a new small group Sundays at 9:30 am in Room #103 called Resurrection: Living as People of the Risen Lord.

Serving IWs on Site

Pastor Steve will be serving IWs in a Creative Access Locale April 20-30. The cost will be $1,500-2,000. The district leadership would like you to consider helping by praying and giving toward this ministry. To help financially, mark your gift Field Forum and place it in the offering by 4/19.


The DiscipleMaking Ministries Committee meets on 4/26 at 5 pm.

Mentor Moms

AGAPE ministries Mentor Moms meets the fourth Sunday of each month in room 103. Questions? See Denise Mullins.

Working with Children

If you are working with Children at Curwensville Alliance and have not up-dated your clearances in the past three years, see Bethany Livergood. If you have updated clearances, give Bethany a copy.

Big Outreach

Super VBS is coming June 22-26! Our church provides 15-20 workers, including the music & drama, Tribe leaders, & Shopkeepers (plus helpers) for Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus Was a Kid. Sign up now on the Children’s Bulletin Board if you’ll help. Questions? See Laurel Shields.

The Grand Strawberry Tea Adventure!

Hey girls, age 4-11 — register by 4/15 for the Grand Strawberry Tea Adventure on 4/18 at 1:30 pm. Click here for more information.

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PODCAST: Masks we wear – maturity

Presented 4/19/2015 at Curwensville Alliance by Pastor Steve Shields

When Laurel and I were first married, we were running to the store and I realized I forgot my shopping list. I turned around and we drove back to the apartment to get it. Then, down the road at that same location, the thought occurred to me that I had forgotten my checkbook. Again, I turned around and we went back to the apartment to get it. As we passed the spot we’d turned twice in the past five minutes, Laurel looked at me and said, “When we were dating, you really seemed to have your stuff together. But now…. What’s up with that?” I can tell you what was up with that. I was wearing a mask. A mask of maturity.

All of us wear masks. They generally are not a problem, but when we start believing the mask on our face is who we are, the maturing process comes to a halt.

Take a listen to this podcast and ask God to free you from pretending you are someone you are not.
~Pastor Steve


PODCAST: The Mask of Knowledge

Presented 4/12/2015 by Pastor Steve Shields

Do you like being around a know-it-all? Kind of a goofy question, isn’t it? We don’t like it when people pretend to know everything.

But in reality, we all pretend to know things from time to time. We turn conversations toward our area of expertise. We nod when people talk about things we know nothing about. We wear the “mask of knowledge”. That’s a problem.

In this podcast, we learn why the mask of knowledge is a problem — and how to begin to shed it.