Small Groups at Curwensville Alliance

Life-change happens in small groups. That’s been a value held at Curwensville Alliance for over a decade — and these days, it’s becoming part of our DNA.

Small Groups happen in a variety of places — in people’s homes, in restaurants, and right here at the church location on Susquehanna Avenue.

What to Expect

If you choose to participate in a small group, you can expect to hear others discuss life-issues from a biblical perspective. The leader of a small group doesn’t lecture, but encourages conversation around a given subject.

Topics include things like parenting, marriage, finances, personal matters, biblical spirituality, prayer, grace, managing emotions, encouraging others, life-purpose, and biblical content.

Kinds of Groups

Some small groups are ones you can come and go from week to week — like the Wednesday Prayer Group. Others require that you get a book and come prepared to engage the material that will be presented. Each small group commits to do several things:

  1. Meet together weekly.
  2. Maintain an atmosphere of commitment and confidentiality within the group.
  3. Spend time, as a group, in prayer.
  4. Focus primarily on study material that is explicitly Christian and biblical.
  5. Reflect the mission of Curwensville Alliance: To Know God and Make Him Known.

Leaders of Small Groups are approved by the DiscipleMaking Ministries Committee.

If you would like to learn more about small groups, contact Pastor Steve.